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Flight Instructor Requests

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Aaron von Cannon

Looking to finish training for my son and I 1 1

William Valdes

Needing instructor 1 12

Danny Parris

Looking for sign off for new member 2 48

Luca Bonanto

New member sign off 2 43

Scott Curson

Instructor Flt Sign-off 1 25

William Keeter

Schedule Flight Instructor Please 1 41

Samuel Shelton

Would like some instruction for my 11yr old son who is new to the sport 1 40

Erik Anderson

New looking for SOP 1 39

Phillip Hall

New member excited to participate! 1 39

Okan Emir

I need to go thru SOP 2 65

Mark Tracy

Flight Instructor Request 1 55

Lee Eilers

Would be grateful if an approved CCRC instructor could help me with the training and signoff requirements for new membership 1 79


I need flight train /sign off 1 75

Russell Chambers

Need someone to help me finish training and signoff. 1 84

Albert Arrieta

Flight training request 1 109