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I bought the J-3 Cub 90" wingspan so I have plenty to keep me busy this winter.
I'd still be interested in building a Steerman or a giant scale kit.

Thanks for the help guys.
I still might be interested in the J-3 Cub. If you could ask him the details on the kit I might be interested in it. Please contact me with the details.


Sig Astrohog kit. I have my winter project. Thanks all.

My buddy has a few i have to get a list i don't think he has any of those you listed. he has a 80 inch J3 cub he wants $150 for it. and a yard dart. think was one more he is suppose to take pictures and send me.

I miss kit building! Looking for a winter project, my hobby room is nearing completion.

Want a balsa kit. I know someone has one laying around they have intended to start for years. Please go through your hanger, you know in the closet or in the corner.

GIANT SCALE is okay but not necessary. I prefer:
Stearman Bi-plane
Pitts Bi-plane
Astrohog. You gotta be old to remember this one.

Please no partial incomplete kits unless it's free of course. Contact me or reply here.
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