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We still can't start a new thread on any forum except Suggestions and Classified. The other pages (Instructor, etc.) do not have the "Start new Thread" on them.
An Administrator going to that page will see that button and wonder what the problem is but the rest of us don't get that button. Log in as another, non-admin, user and you should see the problem.
Changed to, Allow users subscribe to threads, to receive notifications when messages are posted. This should resolve that issue.
Another issue. If I go into the Gas Planes forum, there is no button to start a new thread.

I had a reply to a classified, but did not receive an email, so I missed it until I logged in again.
Looking at the options, I think I may have fixed it but perhaps a thread on how to set up preferences would be helpful.
Also, I cannot see how to subscribe to a thread in the classified section. I would have thought that any thread you create would automatically subscribe you.

Hey guys, welcome to the new site....Its obviously better than our old one for sure...Its not perfect yet, but we are gonna try...If there is something we are lacking or missed please post it here and let us know...regards..Jason
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