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Top Flight Cessna 182 81 Inch Wingspan and 4 Strok...
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I am selling a never flown, but assembled Top Flight Cessna 182 Skylane with 81 inch wingspan. This is the Skylane that cost $499.00. It is assembled and has the servos for all control surfaces mounted, including flaps. An OS ES .70, glow, 4 stroke engine made in Japan is offered, plus the engine mount and fuel tank. The engine still requires a few hours of break-in. I have a gallon of glow fuel that goes with the plane. Currently, there is an electric motor mounted in the model that I was going to use, but decided to use the 4 stroke .70 glow engine. I will sell the Cessna 182 with the electric motor or the gas motor. Different prices will apply depending on the engine chosen.

I will take the electric motor out so that the buyer can install the 4 stroke engine. The aircraft and the engine have never been flown and should be considered new. I was going to use the Cessna 182 as a camera platform, but found that the DJI Inspire PRO does the job. Please contact me for price and details. Gene at 678-777-2979.
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