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CCRC Flight Instructors

The following is a list of those members of the CCRC willing to give of their personal time to help perspective, new and fellow members learn as well as advance their skills in the hobby of RC flying.  We would like to thank each member for their dedication to the safe promotion of the hobby and their willingness to help new pilots learn to fly. As a student, all we ask is that you respect the time and advise each of these members are dedicating to you. There are no fees, it is just for the love of the hobby that we do it.

If you start with lessons with someone, and for whatever reason, that person isn't available when you are able to fly, please contact someone else from the list and they will be glad to take up where the other person left off. If you're not sure who to contact and just want to make a general request for an instructor to meet you at the field, please post a new message in our Flight Instructor Requests forum. All current instructors monitor this forum.

 Instructor's Name  Contact  Availability
Karl Durant  Please use email to the left  By Appointment 
Frank Sqrow  Please use email to the left  By Appointment
Collier Jackson  Please use email to the left  By Appointment
David Marshall  Please use email to the left  By Appointment
Manny Baines  Please use email to the left  By Appointment, helis only
Andy Lindstrom  Please use email to the left  By Appointment
Kevin Wright  Please use email to the left  By Appointment

If you would like to volunteer to instruct student pilots, please contact a club officer for more information. To those volunteering as Instructors, our thanks for your dedication to the sport and to the Cobb County Radio Control Modeler's Club!